Recruitment starts at the local level. Help ensure an adequate workforce with these recruitment activities.

We will raise awareness of HVACR jobs and meet the critical need for a skilled, educated workforce with the help of enthusiastic employers, career counselors, parents, and instructors. These checklists, documents and videos were designed for local HVACR employees and program instructors to encourage students, veterans, and second-career adults to consider a profession in the HVACR industry.
Below are a few ideas for HVACR employees to actively assist in local recruiting efforts:

Volunteer to participate in a Career Fair or Career Day
This document provides information on:

  • Effective communications
  • Presentation do’s and don’ts
  • HVACR Trivia Game


PowerPoint Presentation


Offer a “Ride and Decide” Program — Working with your local schools, pair high school students with a representative from local HVACR companies allowing students to experience a day-in-the-life of a technician, distributor, installer, or other related job.