In 2015, the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation commissioned three reports asking “What is the cause of the talent gap and what can we do to close it?” To help answer these questions, the Foundation commissioned three studies to explore workforce supply and demand in the United States and Canada. The goal was to understand the opportunities available for HVACR workers and address the unique issues constraining the pipeline of talent for HVACR roles.
  • HVACR jobs are available and they are everywhere.
  • HVACR jobs provide good salaries for a good quality of life.
  • HVACR jobs are available for a diverse level of skill sets.


Yet, there are too many empty seats in HVACR classrooms, community and vocational colleges are not training enough students, there is no clear credentialing or accreditation programs, schools are losing half of their instructors to retirement, incoming student are unprepared for the program, recruitment practices are lacking, and more women and minorities are needed in the profession.

Read the executive summary and reports, including the suggested North American Plan, which focuses on three board goals for the industry: training the trainers, establishing uniform accreditation and certification programs, and attracting a motivated workforce.





Executive SummaryThe HVACR Workforce: Demand Heats up as Supply Melts Away: A projection of the coming shortfall of HVACR Workers and how to fix it.






Supply ReportThe Next Generation of HVACR Installers and Technicians, prepared the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation







Demand Report Heating up: The Sweltering Demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Workers, prepared by Burning Glass Technologies








Canadian ReportA Labour Market Investigation of the HVACR Sector in Canada, prepared by Prism Economics and Analysis










Infographic — Download a copy of the entire infographic here. Or download each panel at the following links: The HVACR Job Market is Hot; HVACR Workers Make Good Money; or States Where HVACR Workers Are Needed.